The Urgency of Pest Control in Florida

Pest control is vital for living a healthy life and protecting your property no matter where you live; however, Florida has geographical and anthropogenic reasons as to why pest control here should be more of a priority when compared to other states.

Reasons why pest control in Florida can be more important than pest control in other states.

1. Tropical Climate Accelerates Insect Reproduction

It’s no secret the climate in Florida is hot, humid, and tropical, but what you might not have known is insects tend to reproduce more rapidly in warmer temperatures. This makes Florida an ideal breeding ground for insects.

2. Abundance of Water Bodies Increases Pest Occurrence

Florida is ranked #2 in water per area in the contiguous United States. Bodies of water and wetlands have unique ecosystems that greatly increase the occurrence of pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and termites.

3. Stagnant Water Creates Ideal Insect Breeding Environments

The big bodies of water such as lakes and rivers run off into marshes, wetlands, and coastal areas and becomes stagnant. This, combined with the humidity not letting the water evaporate, creates a perfect environment for insect larvae.

4. Population Growth and Increased Activity

Florida is also experiencing a big population growth. With an influx of people moving into the state places such as parks and gardens attract and sustain bug populations. Alongside domestic travel, Florida also boasts a high rate of international travel and tourism. While the chances are low this still increases the risk of invasive insects creating a new environment in our local ecosystems.

You may never see a termite until they have already caused irreversible damage to your property. You may be allergic to allergens that roaches or rodents are producing and not even know that they are the cause. These are a few reasons as to why pest control in Florida really is more essential than other states. Routine pest control is the best way to ensure what is important to you stays protected.

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