The Advantages of the Sentricon Termite Baiting Systems

Termites love the bait, even more than wood, and they carry the active ingredient in the bait back to their colony. This causes the termites to lose their ability to molt, stops them in their current life stage, preventing them from laying eggs, thereby decimating the colony in a short while. With Sentricon there is total colony elimination.

Advantages of Termite Baiting

Most homeowners would agree that termites are the bane of property maintenance. If you decide to move to Florida or any place with wonderfully warm weather, you can expect occasional pests like hungry termites. Termites are silent destroyers, chewing through wooden furniture and home fixtures while staying undetected until it is much too late. 

Traditionally, pest control companies apply a standard liquid treatment (termiticide) barrier to provide termite protection while trying to eradicate existing colonies. A more advanced technology was developed, right here at the University of Florida, over 20 years ago. It has been perfected over the years and proven to be a more effective, environmentally safe and complete termite solution. Consider installing a Sentricon Always Active termite baiting system – an advanced system that eliminates termite threats for good by eliminating the queen. 

Sentricon Termite Baiting Systems – A Long Term Solution

Sentricon is a drilling-free and environmentally friendly termite solution. Pest control experts can conveniently install your systems without any disturbance to your landscape or neighbors. They appear as green circular objects strategically placed 10 to 20 feet apart around the perimeter of your structure. 

These Sentricon stations contain cellulose baits that attract termites, leading them to share the product with the rest of their colony. Once disseminated and ingested, the cellulose baits will poison and kill the termites, wiping out the queen and entire colonies within a 60-90 day period. Your pest control expert will inspect your stations annually to replenish bait, look for termites and maintain the effectiveness of the systems against new termite colonies.   

Sentricon Vs. Termiticide Barriers 

Termite Queen Elimination

Termite Queens determine the survival and reproduction of a colony. Termiticide solutions may eliminate the queen occasionally, but Sentricon gets the job done routinely, ensuring that your property stays termite-free all year round. 

Termites love the bait, even more than wood, and they carry the active ingredient in the bait back to their colony. This causes the termites to lose their ability to molt, stops them in their current life stage and prevents them from laying eggs. The colony ends up decimated in a short while. Even the queen cannot escape. With Sentricon there is total colony elimination.

Treatment Effectiveness

Termiticide barriers gradually wear off, resulting in new waves of termite infestations and additional liquid treatments. Alternatively, Sentricon Always Active remains consistently effective around the clock. Your pest control provider will annually inspect and replenish bait stations for termites. Additionally, Sentricon functions seamlessly across every setup, while liquid treatment barriers may result in gaps even when prepared by the most experienced pest control experts.


Sentricon causes minimal to zero disruption within homes, lawns, and landscaping. However, the installation of termiticide liquid solutions are not as “green” of a solution and may contaminate nearby water supplies. There is also noisy drilling through concrete and sometimes floors to apply the liquid barrier.

Protect with Sentricon Always Active

When it comes down to termite infestations, Sentricon is the natural first choice in long-term termite prevention and control. The team at Venom Pest Control can install Sentricon Always Active baiting systems to provide you and your family with peace of mind without delay.

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