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Venom Pest Control provides residential and commercial pest control services and is the name you can trust to deal with any kind of pest problems in and around your home or office. There is a reason why we were the recipient of the Angies List Super Service Award in 2014.


Over 800 customers will tell you that our residential pest control service works fast, is effective and offers the highest level of safety for you, your family, friends and pets. Each service is specifically geared toward maintaining a bug free environment.



Our Initial Service will eliminate any pests currently living in your home or business. To do this, we will use a full repellent product inside your home that will drive the unwelcome pests outside. We will then treat the outside of your home with a full non-repellent product that the pests will not suspect.

During this treatment you might notice an increase in pest activity around your home, but keep in mind that this will be due to the pests that were nesting inside your home being forced outside. Don’t worry – these pests will soon be gone for good.


A certified technician will inspect your home identify any current pest activity and potential problem areas.  These inspections also allow Venom to tailor our treatment plan to your individual needs.

Inside Spray

This is provided on the first treatment  as Venom Pest Control will continue to keep the home protected so pests cannot enter. If there are inside areas that need to be treated again, just let us know before your next service and we’ll treat those areas for free.

Power Spray

To optimize protection, a 3 X 3 ft. liquid barrier will be applied around the base of your home.  Because pests seek to enter the home in any way possible, this barrier will be applied along all eaves, overhangs, and access points around the home.


A water-activated product will be applied in the yard, adding an additional 15-20 ft. of protection around your home.


Because spiders are a signature and consistent problem in the Central Florida area, your technician will knock down any existing webs that may be found on your home.  Often times, these spiders will use a process known as ballooning to get onto your home from surrounding trees and structures.  Combined with the liquid barrier on your home, de-webbing proves to be an invaluable part of our service.

Web-Free Guarantee

At no extra charge, we provide a 100% web-free guarantee. This protects you against those eight-legged creepers, including the black widow, the wolf spider and many others.



Our Back-To-Back Service takes place one month after our Initial Service. Once your home has been purged of any pests, we will come back and apply a protective barrier to the outside of your home. This will break the egg cycle, which will eliminate any persistent pests. Once this treatment has taken place, we will schedule our Quarterly Visits. These treatments will maintain that protective barrier.



Our regular services take place quarterly. Our products are environmentally friendly and naturally break down after 90 days. In order to keep a constant protective barrier around your home, we conduct our Quarterly Visits to keep the pests away.



In the unlikely event of unwanted pests being seen in your home or business between the quarterly visits, Venom offers complementary re-treatments.  We will send a technician at your earliest convenience to treat the affected area(s). We value our customers, and give them service they can count on and believe in!