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We are proud to offer pest management in Florida. Over 2000 customers will tell you that our residential pest service works fast, is effective and offers the highest level of safety for you, your family, and your pets. By using a variety of integrated pest management techniques, each service is specifically geared toward maintaining a bug-free environment. We are known for our fair and honest service and provide a 100% WEB-FREE GUARANTEE!

When you sign up for one of our annual maintenance plans for our General Household Pest (GHP) Service, it includes our signature 10-Point Service Plan:


On initial service we treat the interior of your home for year round protection of any bugs inside the home.


We remove all egg sacs, webs and wasp nests by brushing the exterior of the building, all windows, doors, entryways, and lanai.


We spray a 6-foot barrier on and around the base of the home. This controls ants, spiders, earwigs, palmetto bugs, and most common general pests.


We then treat all eaves and overhangs and entryways. This helps control webs and wasps.


We granulate up to 20 feet around the structure to help control the fleas, ticks and fire ants.


We treat concrete edges and all pavers on driveways, sidewalks, pool/patio area with spray to control and populations.


We service your garage which includes a brush, blow out, spray and glue traps.


We also will treat your fire ants, up to 50 feet away from your home.


If you have any problems in between your regular, paid services we come out for free to take care of those issues using our exclusive techniques.


We always announce we are coming in advance, with email and text reminders, and we offer a customer portal for customized alerts, payments, records & more!

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