Geckos Make Great Pests!

Creating a barrier, of sorts, around your home to prevent insects from entering is the best defense against geckos coming inside.

Geckos Make Great Pests!

Geckos are everywhere in Florida, you can’t walk 10 feet outside without seeing one.  They are in our gardens, trees, and porches.  They run across the sidewalk as we stroll through the neighborhood.  They climb on our window screens and the walls of our buildings.  I think everyone that lives here or has visited Florida has seen our little friends.

They are a great distraction for kids too.  If you grew up in Florida, or have children, then you know that catching them can make for a great activity however, if you grab them by the tail you’ll often get left with just a small piece of tail and the rest of the gecko has gotten away.

Many of these harmless creatures make their way into our homes, uninvited!  They can startle you when you see it run away out of the corner of you eye.  They climb the walls and go behind furniture and house plants.  And they are fast!  If you try to catch one you may find yourself getting frustrated because of how quick they get away from you.  But be careful, geckos have been known to carry salmonella so if you do touch one, please take precaution and wash your hands.

But what draws them into our homes and other indoor spaces?  Most likely the gecko ends up in your house because he was chasing a bug and when you opened the door the gecko followed the insect inside.  They may also come in through open windows or garage doors.  Since a geckos’ main diet consist of insects, they will go wherever they can find something to eat.  

Geckos are not dangerous, they do bite, but the majority of geckos that you find in your back yard, have such tiny teeth that they don’t do much damage when they do bite you, you may not even feel a thing.  For this reason, we do not recommend exterminating the geckos, but instead, we suggest that you eliminate their food source, the bugs around your house.

Creating a barrier, of sorts, around your home to prevent insects from entering is the best defense against the geckos coming inside.  If the bugs aren’t around the structure, then the geckos have no reason to be there either.  This insect barrier will keep the geckos busy outside while you are enjoying a bug free, gecko free home.

Contact Venom Pest Control and they will send a technician out to your home to secure a barrier around your home; including all windows, doors, and even the garage, so that the geckos, and bugs, will stay out.  The best defense is stopping them before they enter your home.  

Venom Pest Control will treat your home for all types of pests, not just the ones that geckos eat.  Venom technicians are trained to seek out wasp nests, spiders, ants potential infestations causing wood decay from carpenter ants or termites, and many other issues. 

Contact Venom today to get your home protected from uninvited guests and prevent geckos from coming in too.  You can call 352-223-3618 or visit the website here.

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