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How to Remove a Dead Rodent Smell

The smell of decomposing carcass is powerful, sickening, and instantly off-putting. It is distressing when you can’t easily find the dead rodent. Sometimes the smell can stick to surfaces like walls permanently. 

There is the risk of the dead body attracting more vermin, as well as like flies and maggots. That’s why good pest management control should include a plan to deal with the accompanying dead carcasses and smells. 

What Does a Dead Rodent Smell Like?

The surest sign of something dead in the house is a strong rotten meat smell. A dead carcass will start releasing gases in a few hours. These gases include indole, putrescine, and skatole. These gases are toxic at high levels.  

The decomposition of the carcass depends on the weather. A dead mouse will start letting off a powerful smell in one or two days in the summer. In the winter, the scent can take up to a week to become evident. But it lingers for longer because the body decomposes much slower in cold weather.

How to Locate a Dead Rodent in Your House 

Following the smell by the nose is the most straightforward way to locate a dead rodent. But in a room with many objects, it’s hard to locate the dead rodent. The smell can also be such that the level of odor feels the same at different points in a room.

Another sign would be the presence of flies, maggots, and ants. These insects will hover close to the carcass. A decomposing carcass also releases fluids, so the spot will, at times, show some stains.

How to Remove a Dead Rodent Smell from Your House

If you locate the dead rodent, remove it; seal it in a ziplock or a plastic bag and dispose of securely. You should wear gloves to avoid contamination from bacteria or viruses. Clean the space thoroughly with disinfectants and perfumed detergents. Finally, ventilate the area well to carry away the smell.

But the dead rodent could also be in an unreachable space. Use odor-neutralizing products in quantities enough to battle the smell. It could be a spray, pellets, or sponges. Ventilate the space to carry away traces of the scent.  

It is also advisable that you engage a professional pest control service. The professionals know how to do this better and put measures to prevent more rodents from getting into the house. 

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