Battle of the Bugs: German Roach Invasions

Step into the fight against German roach invasions with our guide. Discover their evasive habits and reproductions secrets and arm yourself with the knowledge of detailed cleaning routines to professional techniques. We will help you regain control over your home from these persistent pests.
Close-up of German roaches, common household pests.

Before we can defend against them, we need to understand our enemy. Here's what you need to know about German roach invasions:

Step 1: Interfere with their environment.

German roaches thrive in warm, humid conditions. The first box we want to check when defending against German roach invasions is to make our home inhospitable. Be sure to fix leaks, reduce moisture, and maintain a cool environment. These are simple steps but are effective in disrupting their ideal living conditions.

Step 2: Precise Cleaning

German roaches are opportunistic feeders. They are known to consume a wide variety of food sources that are available in our homes. They feed on crumbs, food residue, grease, food spills, glue, book bindings, certain fabrics, soap, and even toothpaste. To combat this, we need to regularly vacuum, sweep, and wipe down surfaces, especially in the kitchen. We also need to stay on top of crumbs and spills and clean them up immediately.

Step 3: Seal Entry Points

Another preventative measure to defend against German roach invasions is by sealing entry points. Locate and seal cracks, gaps, or openings where roaches can enter. The most common places to look for openings are doors and windows, roofs and eaves, garage doors, and vents. Being proactive will greatly increase your chance of success in defending against German roaches

Step 4: DIY Solutions

There’s certainly no guarantee when it comes to dealing with German roach invasions on our own, however, there are a few things we can try. Traditionally we can try bait stations containing a gel or bait that is poisonous to roaches. A few not-so-traditional approaches we can try are bay leaves, coffee grounds, catnip, or cucumber peels. Roaches are sensitive to strong smells, so placing these in areas where roaches are present can work as a repellent.

Step 5: Professional Intervention

Often, a professional touch is necessary. German roach invasions are one of the trickiest things to deal with. If home remedies and preventative measures aren’t cutting it, the best way to ensure roaches are dealt with is leaving it up to the professionals.

If you have an issue with German roaches or any pests disturbing your property or posing a threat, please call us for a free evaluation. Click here or call us at 352-223-3618 to schedule your appointment.

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