Achieving A Pest-Free Environment this Spring

This spring, try keeping unwanted pests out of your home by just doing a few simple things.

Achieving A Pest-Free Environment this Spring

1.  Remove Potential Food Sources
Begin to see your property through the eyes of a bug.  Where are the potential food sources?  Do you have fruit trees in your yard with old fruit in the trees or on the ground? Rodents and pests are attracted to this. Make sure your yard is tidy, this includes raking up dead leaves, keeping trash in cans with lids, disposing of old trash and/or old wood piles around your property.  

2. Eliminate Potential Harborage Sites
Get rid of all moisture collection spots, such as empty pots, tires, sagging pool covers, low lying areas of your yard, etc. Excessive mulch and moisture can be a harborage for many pests.  Florida container mosquitos breed in standing water not that deep, from your flower pot rim.  Trim back any large branches or vegetation patches that are growing too close to the home. Rodents and pests find overgrowth around a home to be a wonderful way to access your home and hide too.

3. Get Regular Pest Service
In Florida, in addition to doing all of the above, and without a killing frost, sometimes you need more.  We recommend maintaining a barrier treatment service, customized by season, that targets exterior hot spots, and reduces all insect activity in and around your home. It is essential to have a service that can help you combat the specific needs of your home.  Some neighborhoods are “buggier” than others and some homes are just built on top of an ant nest and there is no way to know.  You can get it under control with the help of a professional.  Call us today at 352-223-3618 or click HERE to get an appointment.

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