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Venom Pest Control is a family owned and operated business. Our primary mission is providing you with exemplary results and service.

Want to get rid of pests, for good?

Venom Pest Control is Florida’s premier pest management company. We have been helping Florida families keep their homes pest free for over 10 years. Our years of experience will ensure your home and your family are pest free, for good!

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10-Step Pest Management System

Guaranteed Pest Elimination

1. Granulate up to 20 feet around the foundation

2. Brush entire house high and low, all entryways, all windows, eaves, overhangs, pool screens, lanai

3. Spray a 6 foot barrier 3 feet up wall 3 feet out from foundation

4. Spray eaves where permitted by law, dictated by wind conditions and proximity to lakes and ponds

5. Service the garage by blowing it out spraying the edges and corners, blow off front stoop

6. Place glue traps in strategic areas in garage

7. Interior spray of the baseboards usually once a year, anytime by request

8. Treat all fire ants in yard up to 50 feet from foundation

9. Treat all the pavers for ants on walkways

10. Spray all edges of driveway and sidewalk out to the road

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There is no doubt we’ve got you covered. No other company in Florida does what we do, giving you the finest pest service that you expect – the best. Residents and business owners in Central Florida trust our state-of-the-art pest control treatments.  We deliver services designed to bring maximum, yet safe and environmentally responsible results. Rating
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We offer a variety of pest and termite protection plans. In addition, we offer specialized treatments for those hard to get rid of stingers, biters, and disease-carrier pests. Got rodents? We also offer trapping and exclusion services.

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The Urgency of Pest Control in Florida

Pest control is vital for living a healthy life and protecting your property no matter where you live; however, Florida has geographical and anthropogenic reasons as to why pest control here should be more of a priority when compared to other states.

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