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There is no doubt we’ve got you covered. No other company in Florida does what we do. We give you the finest pest service that you expect – the best. Venom Pest Control provides residents and business owners in Central Florida state-of-the-art pest control treatments. We deliver services designed to bring maximum, yet safe and environmentally responsible results.
We offer a variety of pest and termite protection plans. In addition, we offer specialized treatments for those hard to get rid of stingers, biters, and disease-carrier pests. Got rodents? We also offer trapping and exclusion services.
As a family owned and operated business, we really care about the quality of our service. We do not just provide satisfactory results, we ensure exemplary results are achieved. When you sign up for one of our plans we come out for free in between regular services, whenever you need us, to keep your home pest free!

Pest Maintenence Plans Utilizing integrated pest management techniques, we offer flexible, reliable service plans with a 100% web-free guarantee. Learn More Termite Options You need termite protection if you own a home in Florida. Get peace of mind now. Learn more about what we offer. I Want it! Extra Difficult Pests Severe infestations of those extra difficult and sometimes extra scary pests. Bed Bugs, German Roaches, Fleas, Rodents, Ants, and more. Get Going



How to Remove a Dead Rodent Smell

The smell of decomposing carcass is powerful, sickening, and instantly off-putting. It is distressing when you can’t easily find the dead rodent. Sometimes the smell can stick to surfaces like walls permanently.  There is the risk of the dead body attracting more vermin, as well as like flies and maggots. That’s why good pest management control should […]

Preventing And Treating German Cockroaches

Have you ever gone into the bathroom at night and found what looks like black pepper around the sink or countertop? Are maybe you were eating in the kitchen and you felt like you were being watched. You look up where the ceiling at cabinets meet and there are the wavy antennae of what are […]

Getting Rid of Ants – Baiting vs. Spraying?

Are you being ant-agonized Ants are a super annoying nuisance that most homeowners want to get rid of ASAP. If you have been doing some research on getting rid of your ant problem, you’ve likely come across ant baiting and ant spraying, but what’s the difference? What is ant baiting? Ant baits contain insecticides mixed […]

Pest Control in a Post-COVID World

It’s called the “contractor conundrum”: Should you let a stranger into your home right now, even if you have a pest control problem? The quick answer is: Yes! As long as you take precautions, you can mitigate the risk of catching COVID-19 when using a contractor.   Florida is home to all kinds of pests, including rats, […]

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